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What 2nd tier commissions look like ($966.18)

My #1 goal with the 5 Plug-In Profit Site programs is to create duplication. This means when the PIPS system helps you make sales, in some cases, I’ll earn 2nd tier commissions. In fact, in many cases you’ll be the one who earns 2nd tier commissions as you refer people to PIPS and those people start building their business.

I just wanted to show you an example of this in action with an email I received today from Digital Altitude where I earned a $966.18 2nd tier commission (below). The direct sponsor of this sale earned considerably more than this amount as they are the one who made the direct sale.

There are a few other exciting considerations to think about with this sale as well:

1. The person who referred the new PIPS member did nothing else to make this sale. They just introduced someone to my service through their marketing, and after a couple of months of this referral starting to learn and grow their business, they decide to move forward and become an Ascend member in Digital Altitude (which is a great move for this person as it will set them up to start earning much bigger commissions as well).

2. As this new Digital Altitude Ascend member continues growing their business, I expect they will start producing consistent sales as well and some of those sales will be big like this one. So they will be building steady residual income from the lower tier products and programs in Digital Altitude and the Plug-In Profit Site system and every now and then one of these big commissions will come through as one of their referrals decides to take their own business to a higher level.

3. Digital Altitude pays on multiple tiers so as these members continue to refer new members into their team (and as you do as well), you’ll start earning regular direct sales commissions and 2nd tier commissions like the one below as your team members start growing their business and duplicating.

That’s why the Plug-In Profit Site system is built the way that it is. My goal in providing the tools and training that I do is to help you make consistent sales in the 5 Plug-In Profit Site programs. When this process is successful, it looks like the email message I received from Michael Force and Digital Altitude below.

The system works as long as you work it. I hope this helps you further understand how 2nd tier commissions work within the Plug-In Profit Site system, and that it will inspire you to continue building your own team so you can receive many emails like this in the future as well. Best of all, this is only 1 income stream in the Plug-In Profit Site system and for those that are committed to truly building this as a business, you will be building 5 streams of residual income at the same time.

Best regards,

Stone Evans

P.S. Here’s the 2nd tier commissions email notification I mentioned above:

Congratulations Stone,

Your Digital Altitude system is working with you and for you.
Today you can celebrate making some more money with this latest
Tier 2 ASCEND Commission.

Referring Sponsor: private

Customer Name: private
Username: private
Tag: pips

Payment: $9,661.83
Payment Date: May 13, 2017

Your Commission: $966.18

You can find more details about your commissions in the
My Business > Earnings section of your Digital Altitude back office:


Keep up the GREAT work!

~Michael Force

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